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Placing highest value & respect to Elders 30th April 2023

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Friends of 80 plus Kohima Village observed 18th Foundation Day on 30th April 2023 at Tsiera MechÜki, L Khel, Kohima Village. 182 citizens in the age group of 80 years and above are registered with friends of 80 plus, an organisation formed by a network and fellowship of  like – minded people with the aims of reviving and upholding the Naga traditional practice of placing highest value and respect to elders. Kohima village Doctors’ Association members perform medical check-up for the elderly citizens during 18th Foundation Day of Friends of 80 plus in Kohima village. Meanwhile, Good Samaritan Women Society (GSWS) Chairperson Neithonuo Liegise highlighted the salient feature of Elder-line Nagaland and urged the senior citizens to dial 14567(National Helpline for Senior Citizens) to access various information regarding care, support, old age pension, Government schemes and benefits, etc., based on caller’s requirements.